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Can I use my own ISO or Windows on VPS?

We allow clients to provide their own ISO to be mounted on VPS for installation. You must open a support ticket and provide a direct link to the ISO, we do not accept downloads from file sharing sites that have redirects or captcha. We ask that provided ISO's are kept under 4GB, in some cases we can't mount large ISO's due to disk limitations on hosts in some locations where hardware options are limited.

For Windows:
We can provide and mount our own Windows Server 2016 ISO which is packed with virtio disk and network drivers. You must install the virtio drivers during the installation process. We do not provide any technical support for VPS running Windows, we have this policy as we used to provide support for Windows, however issues coming from Windows servers ended up taking up the majority of our ticket queue and support time, despite VPS being self-managed. If you install Windows, you must know how to properly secure the server and update the server to patch security vulnerabilities. As we are not a Microsoft license provider, nor work with any license partner, you are expected to use your own Windows license in accordance with Microsoft's server use policy.

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