Remote Hands (Tampa/DFW) / Customer Service

$50.00 USD
Note - We currently offer remote hands in Dallas, Texas only
Remote Hands service for datacenter within the Tampa, Florida area. Email with information about the tasks you need completed, server hardware, as well as company and facility. Availability may vary depending on dates and times. We also do emergency remote hands for surrounding areas such as Miami, depending on the times and circumstances.

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Website Migration Management Service

$25.00 USD
We provide website migration services to the public. You do not have to have a service with us, and we can help you migrate your websites from your current platform to your new platform, or one of our options. We migrate websites from any hosting service that provides file access and SQL access if required. We will migrate your website(s) to the new platform of your choice -- this can be your own new web hosting account with another company, one of our services, or we can migrate your websites to a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server with your own setup request, this can be either a control panel such as cPanel, DirectAdmin (our recommendation!), or one of the many free control panels out there. If you prefer not to use a control panel, we can migrate your website to a VPS or dedicated server with a bare Apache or NGINX web server, PHP version of your choice, and MariaDB SQL server. Multiple website migrations may incur a higher cost.
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