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Does ExtraVM take backups of my server?

For some services we do take included, free backups of client servers, however we don't run these for the purpose of client-requested restores. In most cases, they can only be restored in the event of a hardware failure, or if a restore fee of $5 is paid. Below is a list of services with information about backups for each.

Note: It is the clients responsibility to take backups if the data hosted on a service is important. We are not obligated to provide or take backups of services, but do for many services in the event of a disaster or hardware failure.

  • OpenVZ VPS - OpenVZ VPS servers are backed up remotely, on a weekly basis. In most instances, we can restore OpenVZ VPS upon client request.

  • KVM VPS - We do not provide free backups for KVM VPS in most locations, since they have better redundancy and the fact that KVM VPS take up much more space than other services. However, we may have weekly backups of KVM VPS in our Dallas location. You can contact us to ask if we can make backups of your VPS, if so we will do a 'dd' copy of your VPS image to internal backup space (no client access) in a cron task, optionally we can send the file to your remote backup server of your own.

  • Minecraft Servers - The majority of our Minecraft servers are backed up every 2-3 days internally (files only, no MySQL), which means we can likely pull a backup of your server files upon request. This depends on the location and hardware, most North America plans have backups. Clients should rely on their own backups that they take or utilize our paid backup service where server data and MySQL databases is archived and stored in our BackBlaze B2 account which you can contact sales for pricing.

  • Web Hosting - We take full account backups of all cPanel hosting accounts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which are stored on BackBlaze B2. Clients can request an account be restore by opening a support ticket, however we may limit the amount of times an account is restored each week to avoid unnecessary download fees.
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