Below is bandwidth overage policy and pricing for each location.

Please note that we may limit port speed on unmetered plans if we determine usage is against our terms of service. This is to prevent wasted bandwidth and keep quality speeds for all clients. We do not allow commercial or public proxies, VPNs, or tunnels. This means, if you intend to run a nginx proxy and use our unmetered plans as a CDN for things like videos/streaming your port will be limited. If you have a question, please contact us with detail about your use case beforehand. Personal use cases are of course allowed.

Dallas, Texas - Unmetered bandwidth. If usage surpasses 20TB, we may limit outbound speed if we find the use case is abusive or goes against our terms of service.

Miami, Florida - Unmetered bandwidth.

Los Angeles, California - Unmetered bandwidth.

Piscataway, New Jersey (NYC Metro) - Unmetered bandwidth.

Singapore - Additional bandwidth not possible, you will need to upgrade your VPS plan completely.

Sydney, Australia - Additional bandwidth is $3.60 per 1TB.

Vint Hill, Virginia - Unmetered bandwidth.

Montreal, Canada - Unmetered bandwidth.

London, United Kingdom - Unmetered bandwidth.

Gravelines, France - Unmetered bandwidth.

Tokyo, Japan - As of March 1st, 2023, plans are limited to 1TB bandwidth per 1GB RAM. After your monthly limit is hit your VPS will be limited to roughly 10Mbps. Additional high speed bandwidth can be ordered for $3.60 per 1TB.

Important: Unmetered bandwidth is considered as fair use and not guaranteed. We do not allow applications and use cases such as torrent seeding, CDN nodes, "DDoS proxies", commercial/public proxy/VPN tunnels, or blockchain nodes. This may result in account termination.

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