What hardware do you use?

You can find a list of general hardware spec that we use for all of our services and locations below. For our game servers, we use a variety of hardware and group all individual locations into the region. We always setup newer and faster hardware.

Minecraft Servers
North America
- Dallas, Texas
- E-2186G, 64GB RAM, SSD
- E-2146G, 64GB RAM, SSD
- E-2286G, 64-128GB RAM, SSD
- E-2246G, 64GB RAM, SSD
- i9-9900K, 64GB RAM, NVMe / SSD
- Ryzen 3700X, 64GB-128GB, NVMe / SSD
- Ryzen 3900X, 128GB RAM, NVMe / SSD
- Ryzen 2700X, 64GB RAM, NVMe / SSD
- Ogden, Utah
- Ryzen 3600, 64GB RAM, NVMe
- Ryzen 3700X, 128GB, NVMe
- Ryzen 3800X, 64GB-128GB RAM, NVMe
- Montreal, Canada
- E-2136, 64GB RAM, NVMe
- Los Angeles, California
- i9-9900K, 128GB RAM, NVMe
- New Jersey / NYC Metro
- i9-9900KF, 128GB RAM, NVMe
- Miami, Florida
- Ryzen 3700X, 128GB RAM, NVMe
- E5-1650v4, 128GB RAM, SSD
- Ryzen 3700X, 64GB-128GB RAM, NVMe / SSD
- Ryzen 3900, 128GB RAM, NVMe
- Threadripper 1950X, 2950X, 128GB RAM, NVMe / SSD
- i9-9900K, 64GB RAM, NVMe / SSD
- E5-1650v4, 64GB RAM, NVMe
Singapore / Sydney, Australia
- Ryzen 3900X, 128GB RAM, NVMe (Starting April 2020 in Singapore)
- E3-1230v6, 32GB RAM, SSD
- E3-1245v5, 32GB RAM, SSD

Dallas, Texas KVM VPS
- Ryzen 3950X, 128GB ECC RAM, NVMe (Enterprise Drives & Server Motherboards)
- Ryzen 3900X, 64GB ECC RAM, NVMe (Enterprise Drives & Server Motherboards)
"KVM Game" Plans in Vint Hill, VA; Montreal, CA; Gravelines, FR; London, UK;
- Ryzen 3800X, 64GB RAM, NVMe (Enterprise Drives & Server Motherboards)
Miami, Florida KVM VPS
- Ryzen 3900X, 128GB ECC RAM, NVMe (Enterprise Drives & Server Motherboards)
Singapore KVM VPS
- i7-7700K, 32GB RAM, NVMe / SSD
- E3-1245v5, 32GB ECC RAM, SSD
"NVMe KVM VPS" Plans in Montreal, CA; Gravelines, FR;
- Ryzen 3700 PRO, 128GB ECC RAM, NVMe
E-2136, 64GB ECC RAM, NVMe

Web Hosting
E-2136, 32GB RAM, NVMe

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