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Here at ExtraVM, we take non-profit organizations seriously and recommend our clients to contribute. If you operate or represent a non-profit organization and are looking for discounted or free hosting service, we may be able to work something out with you. Please check our requirements and information below, and contact us using the information linked thereafter.

Requirements to be considered for non-profit hosting:

  1. Operate or represent a 501(3)(c) or similar non-profit organization
  2. Proof of representation (such as identification, e-mail contact using organization domain or credentials)
  3. Have been operating for over 6 months (exceptions may be made)

What you'll need to provide to us:

  • Organization name registered with state
  • Contact us from an organization mail account, otherwise provide identification or organization credentials that links you to the organization
  • Tell us a little bit about what your organization does, for example, being an animal shelter
  • Tell us what you're looking for specifically, such as website hosting or related services

What we can provide to you:

  • Secure and reliable website hosting with backup, control panel access, and DDoS protection
  • Modern website design (depending on some factors and if we can accommodate at the time)

How to contact us requesting non-profit hosting:

  • Please open a sales ticket by clicking here, make sure to include in the subject "Non-Profit"

Example organizations that we look to work with are animal shelter and animal rescue groups, regional human rights organizations, and others.

We typically reply to requests within 2 business days.

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