Minecraft client connection delay / lag

Some people have issues with a three to six second connection delay in the vanilla Minecraft client. If you add your server to your favorite list, or are trying to connect, theere might be a brief delay until it actually connects. This is caused by Mojang's EULA blacklist check and it affects about a quarter of our servers IP ranges. Unfortunately if this happens with your server IP, this is completely out of our control and is caused by Mojang's EULA blacklist check. We've tried to contact them for a solution but they claim it's intentional and they can't provide a solution.

If this happens, the only way to get rid of the connection delay is to use a third party client that does not have the Mojang blacklist checker built into it. There are a couple popular ones, but we won't name them here. A quick search online will be the best thing to do.
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