If you're running a Spigot server with WorldEdit, WorldGuard and GroupManager plugins together, you'll likely eventually have problems with your tickrate dropping after your server has been on for a while with many players. Here's what timings should show.

# [-] Minecraft::Minecraft Scheduler
  # WorldEdit::Event: c.s.w.b.WorldEditListener (PlayerInteractEvent)
  # [+] WorldGuard::Event: c.s.w.b.l.EventAbstractionListener (BlockBreakEvent)

The "WorldEditListener (PlayerInteractEvent) should typically be around 50-100% of the tick. Go into your wepif.yml and disable the GroupManager resolver then save. This will make it so it will default to dinnerperms resolver directly instead of GroupManager. The downside of this is that Bukkit permissions system doesn't have groups, so you'll need to give the permission "group.<groupname>" to each of your groups so that wepif cqan detect it through Bukkit permissions.

Or, you could just use a different permissions plugin. Most people including us recommend PermissionsEx.
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