EVMIPBlock - Spigot Plugin to block datacenter and VPN networks (customizable)


Minecraft server (Spigot, Paper, etc.) plugin to block most large datacenter and VPN networks. By default this plugin uses our own IP block list (https://extravm.com/cidr.json) which blocks most large datacenter networks, especially ones used by all commercial VPN providers. This can help reduce spammers, bots, and generally people bypassing bans by using VPNs. This is not an anti-bot plugin.

You can change the URL for which the plugin checks IP ranges to block, but you must follow the json formatting mentioned in the commented section of the config.yml. If the file of IP ranges is not formatted properly for json, it will not work. We maintain our own list that we suggest you use and if you have any suggestions for additional networks to block please email sales@extravm.com to have it considered. To prevent servers from slowing down at login checks, the IP list is stored in memory when the plugin is loaded.


This plugin has been tested to work on Spigot 1.15.2.

/ipb reload - Reload plugin.
/ipb forceupdate - Force update the IP list that's cached in memory, applying any changes from the remote list.
Both commands can be executed by having "evmipblock.admin" permission, or by default for OPs.

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