All of our Minecraft servers by default run on Java 8, which is the most widely used Java version for Minecraft servers and is what is most supported by developers. If you're wanting to use a newer version for newer software, such as Tuinity, that's being developed and supports it then we have Java 13 available on all systems.

Java 13

To use Java 13, you will need to connect to FTP and upload your server jar file (or rename your existing one) as "java13.jar".

Once your server jar (ex: Spigot, PaperMC, etc.) is uploaded and named "java13.jar", go into the Multicraft control panel here and find the "JAR File" field on the main server page. Type in the same file name, "java13.jar" into the text field right below the drop down box then click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Now your server is set to run "java13.jar" when it starts and this will use a hidden back-end configuration that will load it with Java 13 instead of Java 8.

Java 14

You can use Java 14 with ZGC by naming your jar file "java14.jar".

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