If you have a Minecraft server with us we recommend always taking your own backups and downloading it to your PC if you have anything important on your server. Please check the following information about backups and what we do.

Do we take backups?
We do take system backups of some of our Minecraft systems, around half of them, however these are not meant to be restored upon request, and may not be available at any given time. Our system backups are for recovery in case of hardware failure or another unforeseen circumstance that is out of our control. We may restore a backup upon request if possible, but often this isn't possible due to the way we store system backups and the fact that they are too large to restore (usually over 100GB) for individual Minecraft servers.

How can I backup my server myself?
1.) You can use the backup feature in the Multicraft control panel which will make a .zip archive of your world only. You can use scheduled tasks to create world backups automatically.
2.) You can use a plugin such as EasyBackup (paid) which provides customization of backup tasks such as scheduled backups, compression, automatic FTP/SFTP upload and more. However you must limit the number of backups stored by the plugin, as we don't allow users to store large amounts of backups on our game servers as they typically waste space on the systems. We recommend only storing 4 backups.
3.) You can contact us requesting us to create a system task to archive your server files completely, and place one backup archive in your servers main directory (overwriting the previous) every 48 hours. If you have your own backup server with FTP access we can upload the backup archive to your remote backup server every 48 hours.

Click the link below to learn how to access your servers files with a desktop FTP client, which you can use to upload or download any files directly.

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