Note (2023): This is for SolusVM control panel, our old panel which we do not use any longer. Our new VM management panel has Virtio options for Windows OS.

By default our platform uses Virtio drivers for virtual machines, as we only officially support Linux and BSD operating systems. If you want to use Windows OS and do a manual installation from an ISO, you must make changes to the network driver and disk driver and reboot. Change both occurrences of "Virtio" drivers to "Intel1000" for the network, and "Ide" for the disk driver. If you require or prefer Virtio drivers for Windows, you can boot into our custom "Windows Server 2016 Virtio" or "Windows Server 2022 Virtio" ISO options in the control panel, which we have modified and included the appropriate Virtio drivers inside the root ISO directory which you can access and load during the Windows installation process. Otherwise, you can provide your own ISO via support ticket.

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