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Sons of the Forest

Dedicated Server Hosting

Servers available in the United States, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

8GB RAMRec. for 4 Players
20 GB Storage
Player Slots:
No Slot Limit


10GB RAMRec. for 8 Players
20 GB Storage
Player Slots:
No Slot Limit


Included with Game Servers

DDoS Protected

Our servers are protected against malicious denial of service attacks.

Instant Activation

Game servers are setup instantly after paying, so you can get started with your server quickly.

Performance Hardware

Our servers run high frequency processors and NVMe storage. No lag due to old hardware.

Easy Management

Control your game server easily through our modern game control panel.

Free Transfers

Want to move to us? If you need help contact us and we can assist if possible.


Game servers run inside Docker containers, this is better for security, resource isolation and more.

Full SFTP Access

Easily manage files through the SFTP protocol or using our web based file manager.

24/7 Tech Support

We provide around the clock ticket support with quick responses and occasional live chat.

Powerful Hardware

We use modern, fast hardware and occasionally decommission outdated hardware to ensure our clients get the best performance and reliability possible.

3.4 - 5.0 GHz Processor

We use a variety of fast high core processors, such as Intel i9-10900K, Ryzen 9, E-2200 series processors and similar.


Our systems are high capacity and use only high frequency DDR4 and DDR5 RAM, more recent hardware than competitors.

NVMe Storage

We use only NVMe flash storage, the fastest storage available which means no file speed bottlenecks.

Powered by Pterodactyl

We use a customized Pterodactyl control panel, which is open source and widely used by many and provides a user friendly experience for managing game servers, files, and more.

  • Easy to use web based file manager and SFTP access
  • Web based console to see what's happening and run commands
  • Easy to use and customize startup parameters for games.
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Need some help?

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