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Powerful, Reliable

Hybrid Dedicated Servers

We offer high performance hybrid dedicated servers to cater to any needs.

Current Configurations

Looking for a custom server? We may be able to help! Contact us

Type Processor Memory Storage Bandwidth Price
Intel i9-11900K8c/16t @ 3.5-5.3Hz 64 GBUp to 128 GB 800 GB NVMeUp to 1.7 TB NVMe 10 TB @ 1 Gbps DDoS Protected


1 US Location
AMD Ryzen 5900X12c/24t @ 3.7-4.8Hz 128 GB 1.7 TB NVMe 20 TB @ 1 Gbps DDoS Protected


1 US Location

Hybrid Servers

Our hybrid servers provide dedicated performance without the worry about managing the system or hardware.

Choose your OS

You can use any operating system you wish with your server, and we provide automatic installation.

Full Root Access

With our self-managed hybrid servers, you have full root control of the operating system.

Configure Your Server

Need something different? Get a custom server quote with the hardware you want to meet any need.

Are your servers overclocked?

As we use server and workstation parts, we do not overclock our servers as in most cases it's technically not possible. Some servers also don't have the adequate cooling for 8-16 core overclocked processors.

What if I need a different CPU or drive config?

We may offer custom hardware depending on stock and location, but customizations usually add quite a bit of cost.

Are there any contracts?

Hybrid dedicated servers have no contract or minimum commitment unless stated otherwise, such as for some custom hardware configurations.

What operating systems can I use?

Any operating system can be installed on hybrid dedicated servers. We provide automatic cloud-init installs for many Linux, Windows, and BSD OS or you can install your own from an ISO.

Can I get more IP addresses?

Additional IP blocks can be requested with proper justification.

What if I need more bandwidth?

Most servers include unmetered 1Gbps bandwidth. If you need a larger port you can purchase up to 10Gbps. For locations with monthly traffic limits, please contact us.

How long does setup take?

Hybrid dedicated servers usually take under 24 hours to provision, if there are delays we will contact you.

Do servers come with any control panel?

Hybrid dedicated servers are large, "dedicated" virtual machines on the hardware. You will be able to manage the server from our VM control panel.

Need some help?

Feel free to contact us if you need any help deciding on your server

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