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Special VPS Plans

High resource VPS hosting with very limited stock which only returns when someone cancels.

Current Plans

All of our current VPS Specials are listed below. Out of stock plans only return when someone cancels.

Location Processor Memory Storage Bandwidth Price Stock
2 Cores i9-9900K 16 GBDDR4 RAM 100 GB NVMe SSD 4 TB @ 1 Gbps DDoS Protected


Dallas, TX


2 Cores W-2145 16 GBDDR4 RAM 220 GB NVMe SSD Unmetered @ 1 Gbps DDoS Protected


Falkenstein, DE


4 Cores W-2145 32 GBDDR4 RAM 440 GB NVMe SSD Unmetered @ 1 Gbps DDoS Protected


Falkenstein, DE


2 Cores E5-2650v2 8 GBDDR3 RAM 100 GB NVMe SSD Unmetered @ 250 Mbps DDoS Protected


Montreal, CA


2 Cores Ryzen 9 8 GBDDR4 RAM 120 GB NVMe SSD Unmetered @ 1 Gbps DDoS Protected


New York City


2 Cores Ryzen 9 10 GBDDR4 RAM 100 GB NVMe SSD Unmetered @ 1 Gbps DDoS Protected


Miami, FL


2 Cores Ryzen 9 8 GBDDR4 RAM 100 GB NVMe SSD Unmetered @ 1 Gbps DDoS Protected


Los Angeles


2 Cores E-2388G 12 GBDDR4 RAM 150 GB NVMe SSD 6TB @ 1 Gbps DDoS Protected




VPS Features

Our servers provide the best performance for power users, and all to yourself.

Auto OS Install

We support cloud-init installations of all major Linux, Windows, and BSD OS. You can also manually install from an ISO easily.

Reliable VNC Access

Access your server directly through the HTML5 VNC console to troubleshoot issues install your OS manually.

High Resources

Our VPS Special plans provide much larger resources than traditional plans, at a fraction of the cost.

Why are these Specials so cheap?

Our Special plans are meant for advertising and marketing purposes, and is intended to attract new customers. The hardware we use is much cheaper compared to our normal plans, so the plans are sold at low margin.

Do Special plans have the same guarantees?

You can expect the same reliability with our Special plans as you would with our normal, more expensive plans.

Are there any contracts?

Never are. You can cancel anytime, and your server will be put back into the stock so someone else can take the spot.

What operating systems can I use?

We use cloud-init and you can automatically install all major OS such as Almalinux, Rocky, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, etc. You can also install an OS manually from an ISO.

Can I get more IP addresses?

We do not provide extra IP addresses for Special plans.

What if I need more resources or bandwidth?

Special plans cannot be customized whatsoever.

How long does setup take?

Servers are setup instantly after we receive payment!

Do servers come with any control panel?

You'll have access to our new, easy to use and intuitive VM control panel, read more here.

Need some help?

Feel free to contact us if you need any help deciding on your server

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