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DDoS Protected SSD VPS

Deploy one of our powerful SSD VPS in minutes and experience the reliability and performance of our DDoS protected network and fast hardware. Starting at only $3 per month, we offer a variety of servers using enterprise E-2136 (3.3-4.5GHz) CPUs with Intel NVMe SSDs or faster Intel i7-6700K/7700K (4.0GHz-4.5GHz) CPUs with Samsung SSDs. Great for important web servers, game servers, or smaller applications such as VoIP.

Firewall & IP Features

Our clients can control the network firewall and rDNS for their server IP. This lets you block or allow specific protocols, ports, and IPs before the traffic ever hits your server. This can be useful for blocking malicious traffic or adding an additional layer of security for important services. Permanent DDoS mitigation can also be enabled to filter traffic 24/7.

Performance Game Servers

Here at ExtraVM we've been selling high quality game servers for many years. We host hundreds of happy communities whom trust us to provide a reliable service with high up-time. All of our game servers run on CPUs and SSDs proven for reliability and speed. We also have vigorous resource monitoring in place to prevent any abuse and maintain quality for all clients.

High Performance

We use a variety of hardware proven for great performance and reliability over the years. Most of our services run on Intel E-2136 or i7 CPUs and local SSD or NVMe SSD storage. 


Our services come at affordable prices. We offer a variety of services to cater to most applications needs and offer a protected, speedy server within most budgets.

Easy Management

We use many industry standard control panels and software to make it easy for you to control your server with us. You can easily control or access your servers from anywhere.

DDoS Mitigation

All of our servers come with free DDoS protection, guaranteeing that your server will remain online during malicious attack. We never null route IP addresses for receiving attacks!

High Reliability

All of the services here run on systems that have vigorous hardware and resource monitoring in place. "Noisy neighbors" or defective hardware isn't something you will be worrying about here.

Payment Options

We give our clients dozens of options to pay for their service with us. We accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Bitcoin, mail in payments, and over 100 local e-wallets and currencies.

Easy to use Control Panel
We use SolusVM for virtual server management. This gives clients and easy and secure way to manage their VPS from anywhere.
Fast Customer Service
We're here for you. Have a question? Open a support ticket and we'll gladly assist. Average response times are under 30 minutes.
Multi-Layer DDoS Protection
All VPS come with complete L3/L4 DDoS protection, we never null IPs! Our clients can also receive e-mail notifications when an attack happens.
Global Presence
We're constantly looking to grow and offer more locations throughout the world. We service USA, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia.