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Quickly get your application or game server online with us.


High Performance, High Reliability. Hosted on fast and reliable AMD Ryzen 9 and E-2238G servers with NVMe storage.

Starting at$5.00/mo

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Game Servers

Whether you're hosting a server for a few friends or a large community, you can trust us to maintain performance and uptime.

Starting at$3.00/mo

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Web Hosting

SPanel Web Hosting with LiteSpeed, premium NVMe storage, and unlimited bandwidth. You can host any website big and small.

Starting at$3.99/mo

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Free DDOS Protection

Here’s how we protect you from all types of DDoS attacks


Upstream Filters

Upstream filtering blocks common large volumetric attacks before it gets to the local network.


Network Mitigation

Local mitigation via hardware and software stacks mitigates DDoS attacks not filtered by upstreams.


Proprietary Firewalls

Some locations utilize proprietary mitigation techniques and hardware to mitigate attacks and monitor trends.


Local Firewalls

Additional firewall filters applies on a hardware level to block various methods of attacks before the VM.

*DDoS protection included with most services, protection may vary by location. Click here to learn more.

More Reasons to Choose Us

Modern Hardware

We use newer and faster hardware than most competitors, and constantly upgrade clients.

Easy to use Control Panel

We use well tested and industry standard management panels, everything is within sight.

24/7 Technical Support

Have an issue or concern? Open a support ticket with us anytime and get a quick response.

Instant Activation

Enjoy instant setup for most of our services, get going immediately after paying.

Trusted Networks

We use networks with not only excellent connectivity, but high ethical standards and reputations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not happy, ask for a refund within 5 days of ordering, no questions asked.

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