VPS IP Management Features

This week an IP Management page has been added to allow VPS clients to manage the DDoS mitigation and network firewall features of the IP addresses associated with their account. You can access this page by clicking the "Services" link in the top navigation, then clicking "IP Management". Note: Minecraft server clients can request this for their ... Read More »

22nd Aug 2017
Client 2FA

Two-Factor Authentication is now optional to use for your billing account. If enabled, this requires you to login and enter in a unique code from apps like Google Authenticator. We recommend using this to ensure security on your account.

6th Apr 2016
Client Pushover Notifications

Hey guys! We've added Pushover notifications for many client options such as invoice reminders, ticket replies, and much more. Pushover is an iPhone and Android app that sends you notifications (over internet connection/cellular data) to your device, which can keep you updated anything important that you might miss in an e-mail. If you want to ... Read More »

25th Jan 2016

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