Best Minecraft Server Hosting

ExtraVM offers best in class Minecraft and game server hosting around the world. Our plans start at only $3.00 per month, with location options in the United States (North America), Europe, Singapore (Asia) and Australia.

The majority of our Minecraft servers use i9-9900K, Ryzen 3700X, or similar processors and NVMe SSDs which let us provide the best performane per dollar.

What is our Minecraft hosting good for?

  • Small personal servers (1GB - 3GB RAM)
  • Small or medium mod pack servers (4GB - 8GB RAM)
  • Large public servers or networks (4GB - 12GB RAM)

We also offer custom options for large servers that might need more isolated, dedicated resources. This includes managed dedicated servers.

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Example 3GB plan in North America & Europe:

Example 3GB plan in Singapore & Australia: