Looking for a dedicated server for Vintage Story? ExtraVM offers a variety of game servers including Vintage Story, starting at only $3.00 per month with the option to add more RAM for an additional $3/GB. We sell servers by RAM allocation, not by player slot limit. Servers are allocated 1GB RAM minimum and 2GB swap memory. We strive to offer affordable and highly reliablle game servers, and have done so since 2014.

Vintage Story

Starting from
$3.00 USD

Vintage Story Server Hosting
Get a dedicated Vintage Story server for you and your friends instantly.

Vintage Story servers are allocated 1GB RAM (2GB Swap) and 20GB NVMe space by default. Larger servers will require more RAM which you can add when ordering, or request an upgrade after ordering. Our game server plans are priced by actual RAM resources, not by player slots.