We provide remote hands in Tampa, Florida | Dallas, Texas and support services for individuals and businesses.

Services we provide

NOTE - Location availability for remote hands is not set, we do work in Tampa, Dallas, and potentially west coast areas. Plesae contact us with your task and location to see if it is possible at the current time for work.

Remote Hands
Remote Hands / Hardware Changes - Need hardware swapped or replaced in a server? Processors, memory, drives, attached media, or other hardware and parts.
Remote Hands / Server Building - Need custom servers built and delivered or racked? Just send the parts and it can be done for you. This is useful if you are not local to the Tampa, Florida area and don't want to pay additional expensive delivery fees. We also deliver to surrounding cities same day for additional fees.
Remote Hands / Emergency Connectivity - If for some reason you do not have network connectivity for remote access tools, we can provide a temporary LTE/5G hotspot which can be connected to your own device via Ethernet (RJ45) or Wi-Fi 6 if your hardware supports it. Connectivity provided by AT&T.
Remote Hands / OS Installation - Need an operating system manually installed? Just provide instructions and it'll get done fast. Optionally, media can be left attached via USB flash drive in case you need a local rescue image.
Remote Hands / De-racking & Shipping - If you need a server or other equipment removed from service, it can be shipped for you or temporarily held.
Other Tasks - Need something else done? Send a message with information about what you need and you or your company.

Remote Hands service is currently not offered. Certain work may be accepted for Dallas.

Customer Service
Customer Service - Looking for a customer service addition to your team? Hire us. Flexible hours and remote or on-site in the Tampa area. Experience with industry standard software, billing and support software, virtual private server hosting platforms, web hosting platforms, and game server hosting. Provide excellent and quick customer service to your customers without outsourcing internationally.

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