• Saturday, January 8, 2022

This announcement post is regarding clients with Minecraft Server plans with us.

Throughout the upcoming 2 weeks and the past 1 week, we have been updating our servers to run Minecraft servers inside virtualized containers. Since 2014 we have been running Minecraft servers directly on the host system with no virtualization. We decided to move to run MC servers inside virtualized containers for better reliability. For the vast majority of clients, you will experience no changed and no difference in your server. If you have a BungeeCord server, you will need to change your host IP in the config.yml to<server_port> instead of the current IP you have set.

Servers are also assigned five ports after the main server port now for plugin use. This means, if your server is running on port 25570, then you can use ports in the range 25571-25575 for plugins such as Dynmap, nuVotifier, etc.