Gravelines, FR OpenVZ VPS

We've added Gravelines, France OpenVZ VPS to our lineup. These are the same as our current Montreal OpenVZ VPS, including the DDoS protection.

20th Apr 2016
Client 2FA

Two-Factor Authentication is now optional to use for your billing account. If enabled, this requires you to login and enter in a unique code from apps like Google Authenticator. We recommend using this to ensure security on your account.

6th Apr 2016
Client Pushover Notifications

Hey guys! We've added Pushover notifications for many client options such as invoice reminders, ticket replies, and much more. Pushover is an iPhone and Android app that sends you notifications (over internet connection/cellular data) to your device, which can keep you updated anything important that you might miss in an e-mail. If you want to ... Read More »

25th Jan 2016
CentOS 7 1511, Ubutu 15.10

We've added hosted 64-bit ISO images for the newly released CentOS 7 1511 build and Ubuntu 15.10 for KVM virtual machines.

19th Dec 2015
Server monitoring addon for services

Today we've added optional server monitoring for Minecraft servers via the order form. You can also request this service to be added to your Minecraft, VPS, or other services upon request via support ticket. Server monitoring is $2.00/month and can be applied to all of your services with us at no extra charge. If your service is ever unresponsive ... Read More »

14th Dec 2015
Debian 8.0 and CentOS 7.1

We've just added the newest releases of Debian 8.0 and CentOS 7.1503 to our operating system list. To view release notes please click the link below accordingly.

Debian 8.0 "Jessie"
CentOS 7.1503

18th Jun 2015
Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) is out!

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet is out, and you can try it out on your KVM VPS by mounting the ISO image in your control panel. As always you can submit a technical support ticket and have us mount it for you (Desktop or Server edition) quickly to get you started.

24th Apr 2015