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About Us, ExtraVM.
About ExtraVM

ExtraVM, based in Texas, was started in late 2014 to provide reliable, secure, and fast hosting services at an affordable price. One of our goals was to be able to cater to a large portion of clients, no matter what budget or where they are located. We accept over 100 local eWallets and currencies making it possible for anyone to purchase a DDoS protected server. Our services are constantly expanding to cover the needs of more people, no matter if it's high processing power, high bandwidth, or simply reliable DDoS protection. All of our servers are hosted in T-III/IIII datacenters with anywhere from 200Gbps to 4.5Tbps connectivity to the internet. The majority of our services are self-managed, however we provide best effort support to help you fix problems . We strive to provide fast response times to tickets, and most are answered in under 15 minutes. Have a question? Contact us to the right.

Where are you servers?

We're constantly expanding to provide reliable hosting around the world. Below is a list of current locations and services offered at them.

OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers: Montreal, Quebec (Canada); Gravelines, France (Europe); Ashburn, Virginia (USA);
KVM Virtual Private Servers: Dallas, Texas (USA); Singapore; Sydney, Australia;
Minecraft Game Servers: Montreal, Quebec (Canada); Gravelines, France (Europe); Singapore; Sydney, Australia;
Budget Dedicated Servers: Montreal, Quebec (Canada); Gravelines, France (Europe); Singapore; Sydney, Australia;
Premium Dedicated Servers: Dallas, Texas (USA);

Datacenter Map

* Dark blue bullseye icon indicates location that is currently being offered
* Green clock icon indicates locations that are coming soon